Finding and Retaining Employment Advisors: A New Approach

Finding and retaining employment advisors can be a daunting challenge for many of our clients. One major issue is that employment advisors tend to excel at finding jobs for themselves, leading to a high turnover rate in the sector. Additionally, with the end of ESF funding and no immediate replacement, the sector has witnessed a natural exodus of talent.

However, a solution lies in seeking candidates from outside the sector. But who should we be looking for? Let’s explore some successful backgrounds of candidates we have placed as employment advisors:

  1. Recruiters: This one is fairly obvious. Recruiters are accustomed to working towards targets and possess excellent interpersonal skills. They have already developed some of the key attributes needed to be effective advisors.
  2. Grads: Graduates have proven to be a fantastic fit, particularly when their degrees relate to the field. For instance, we have successfully placed Psychology Grads into IPS employment contracts. These individuals often have experience working with vulnerable clients and are passionate about aligning their careers with employability.
  3. Support Workers / Residential Workers: Candidates with experience in supporting vulnerable clients, even if not directly related to employment, can be excellent advisors. Their ability to empower individuals to achieve goals, such as independent living, housing, and budgeting, makes them strong contenders. Residential Workers in care also bring valuable employability-related experience.

Besides these backgrounds, there are numerous other potential sources, including probation officers, and individuals from hospitality or retail with great customer service skills and a target-oriented mindset.

The next crucial step is reaching out to these candidates effectively. Crafting appealing adverts that resonate with them and communicate why our sector is a fantastic place to work is essential. Highlighting success stories of advisors who have positively impacted lives and providing a clear path for career growth within the sector can greatly attract potential candidates.

In conclusion, by broadening our search to individuals with diverse backgrounds and effectively showcasing the rewards of working as an employment advisor, we can overcome the challenges and build a dedicated and thriving team.