How we helped Scope’s employment service

A lot of our clients just plug into our services as they need them for those tricky hires.  We recently reviewed the work we did from 2017 – 2022 with the employment support team at Scope.

Scope are a brilliant charity to recruit for.  It helps that they are a lovely charity, leadership team and fantastic place to work (as per feedback from the people we placed).  And that’s important as recruiters – being able to know what makes a provider different & stand out.  Scope deliver employment support – but they deliver it on their terms and are one of the most client centric providers we have worked with.  And its an important message to get across when we are reaching out to candidates on their behalf.

Red 5 placed 16 people with Scope from 2017 – 2022.  Of the 16:

  • 8 still work there (tenure ranging from 2 – 6 years)
  • 8 left (but with an average tenure of 2.5 years)
  • There was quite a few promotions within this group
  • And the feedback has always been great

Our last placement was about to accept a role with a very large provider.  We knew her background well and the types of contracts she had worked on in the past.  What she enjoyed, and what she didn’t.  When we engaged with her, she had the offer with the other provider.  However, we then told her all about Scope, how they work with clients.  Their ethos. How they treat their staff.  How what they do is very different and the programmes are very different to what she has worked on in the past.  3 years later, she is still there, and often refers back to our conversation and requesting she explores this brilliant charity further.

And the more we work with a provider, the more we learn, the more amazing things we hear from the candidates we place about the work  they do. And the more stories we can tell to future candidates.

All of our clients have a great story and ethos.  Let us tell your story to people, so you can get the right people to make a difference to your clients.