Registering with Red 5 People for work

We operate an agile registration process for candidates requesting key info at certain trigger points throughout the process which we have reviewed with the REC (of which we are members)👍


Anyone who applies for a role with us will get a response within 48 hours ⏰️ to inform them either:


  • We think your CV is a great fit and will call to talk about the role.


  • We don’t feel your CV is right for this post, but it would be for other roles we work on, so will update you as they come in


  • Your CV isn’t a fit for the types of roles we recruit for (we would rather be upfront)


For the latter 2 responses – we invite candidates to email us directly and have a chat ☎️ if they feel we have got it wrong (sometimes we do), but if not, we can always provide any advice on breaking into the sectors we recruit for.


As soon as a CV is approved to go onto our database, you then receive an email explaining our GDPR / privacy process, and a few questions on types of roles, salary expectations and preferred locations.


What happens when you talk to me about a role?


We take time to talk to you about the post in detail, covering the following areas:


Your current situation / motivations.  What are you looking for in a role?  What is important to you?  What does your current role not have that this one could offer? 🥅


The right fit?  We then talk about if you think this is the right role for you and worth making a move for.  We might challenge you on this (sometimes we often convince people to stay with their current employers)


Assessment.  If the role is the right fit for you, we then ask you some questions around your experience that link to the role that our clients are interested to find out.  We also talk about any career moves and what the motivations for moving might be (to ensure this matches your goals).  We will also ask if you have any adaptions or requirements for work.  And, if you have any qualifications that are essential for the role.  We will ask your most recent salary.  This is to help work out if the role is the right fit (and if you are dropping salary, what might balance this out i.e., WFH etc) 🖋


Transparency. We then tell you who the organisation to ensure you are happy to move forward with the role (we also ask you not to apply directly afterwards as it can confuse the process for all parties).


Submission. We then submit your CV to our client, with the key notes made, and await shortlisting.  If you are shortlisted for interview, we move to the next stage (if not we let you know): ⤵️


The interview process


Interview booking. We will contact you to agree an interview slot, and confirm it with the client once you have sent across your RTW document and any qualifications relevant to the role. 📆


Interview prep. We book in a time for interview prep (often on teams, but a phone call can be easier) where we talk through how to prepare for the interview


Debrief. After the interview, we go through a debrief, covering how it went, what you liked, is it the right fit? 🧐


Feedback. We always provide feedback if successful or not.


If offered.  And you decide to accept. We always obtain references (even if the employer we are introducing you to has a process to get their own).  Usually this is because most of our roles are working with vulnerable clients, so we are legally obliged to. We can also support you in how to hand in your notice / manage your existing employer and coordinate start dates. 😀


IMPORTANT:  At any point in the process, if there has been any delay, or any issues, please email [email protected] and this will be escalated to get a response to you within 24 hours via the phone (or email, whatever the preference is).