Strategies (without an agency) for Finding and Attracting Top Talent in Employability & Skills

When budgets restrict the use of agencies, it’s time to take matters into your own hands! Here are some invaluable tips to discover and engage with exceptional talent in the employability and skills sector:

  1. Be Informed and Seize Opportunities: Stay updated on program developments, especially when initiatives are ending or facing changes. For instance, the recent conclusion of JETS opened up a pool of talented individuals seeking new opportunities. Keep a watchful eye on other providers who might be downsizing or going through administration, as these situations can present excellent hiring prospects.
  2. Tap into Internal Networks: Leverage the power of staff referrals. Encourage your current employees to recommend potential candidates they may know personally. Their connections within the sector can lead to valuable additions to your team.
  3. Craft Compelling Adverts: Instead of making your adverts about your organization, focus on the potential candidate. Highlight what they will enjoy and the benefits they will gain by joining your team. Use the AIDA technique to create attention-grabbing ads and place the benefits prominently at the top.
  4. Consider Caseloads & Learners as Prospects: Your learners or clients may possess the potential to become excellent team members. Establish a system and profile for your staff to identify and refer suitable candidates from within your support pool.
  5. Simplify the Application Process: Make applying for roles as easy as possible. Avoid lengthy online forms, and opt for straightforward calls to action. Encourage candidates to reach out directly for an informal chat about the role, clarifying expectations and ensuring a smoother hiring process.
  6. Act Swiftly: Be agile and responsive when it comes to interviewing candidates. Instead of setting fixed interview dates in the future, conduct interviews promptly as candidates apply. This agility ensures you don’t lose potential hires to competing offers.
  7. Engage and Nurture: The time between references and DBS checks can be a delicate phase. Keep candidates engaged and excited about joining your team during this period. Regular check-ins, inviting them to the office for visits, and setting fun tasks help maintain their interest and loyalty.

In conclusion, by staying proactive, creating appealing job adverts, being nimble in your hiring process, and nurturing potential hires, you can successfully attract and retain top talent within the employability and skills sector. With the right approach, you’ll build a passionate team dedicated to making a positive impact in people’s lives.