Tips for Job Hunting After Redundancy at Qube

It’s really sad news about Qube. Another great provider in the sector bites the dust. If you’ve been affected by the redundancies, here are some ideas to help kickstart your job search:

  1. Change your LinkedIn banner to green (so people know you’re open for work). This will help you get discovered by other providers and recruiters in the sector. It’s an obvious tip, but effective.
  2. Register on all the main job boards (Indeed, Total Jobs, CV Library, and Reed). It’s really important to log in at least once a week. This shows that you’re an active candidate, and recruiters tend to approach those who have recently been looking first.
  3. Make your CV and LinkedIn keyword-friendly. This means using relevant terms that people might search for when looking for someone with your skill set. For example, if you’re an assessor, make sure you use that term in addition to your job title.
  4. Include other relevant keywords such as learner starts, internal verifier, internal quality assurer, mytas, apprenticeships, and traineeships. This will help people in the sector find you more easily.
  5. List all the job titles that you can do in your intro statement. For example, “I am looking for my next career move and will consider positions such as Assessor, Internal Verifier, Quality Assurer, Functional Skills Tutor” (just list every role type you can do and will consider).
  6. Send your CV to all the agencies that recruit in the sector. You can find their details on the job boards by searching for the role types you’re interested in. Even if they don’t have a role for you now, they might in the future.